Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when I approach an emergency scene in my vehicle?

Slow down and be alert. If on a 4 lane road, move to the opposite lane and proceed with caution at a reduced rate of speed.

What should I do if an emergency vehicle approaches me while driving with its lights and siren activated?

Reduce your speed, pull over to the right as far as safely possible, and come to a complete stop and allow the emergency vehicle to pass.

Why do I see fire apparatus driving on the streets when there is no emergency?

Throughout the day, our fire fighters are on the streets performing a variety of non-emergency tasks. These include training on the streets and buildings in the response area, performing public education at events and gatherings throughout the community, and even relocating to other stations in the area while they are committed to emergencies in other parts of the county.

Why do so many fire trucks show up when I call 911?

Many tasks need to be completed at a fire. Crews need to search for anyone that may not have been able to escape; attack the fire to extinguish it; ventilation to evacuate the heat and smoke to name a few. These tasks require numerous personnel and specialized equipment to be completed.

Do you provide smoke detectors/batteries?

Smoke detectors and batteries are free of charge. Call 717-718-2383 or email info@yaufr.com to request smoke detector.

What is a Knox Box, why is it on my building, or how do I get one?

Information can be found @ www.knoxbox.com or by clicking here

Why does a fire truck sometimes show up when I called for an ambulance?

Depending on the urgency of your emergency, a fire engine staffed with EMTs will be dispatched to assist the ambulance crew. This happens more frequently when the first due ambulance is unable to respond due to another emergency.

How can I arrange for a fire safety presentation or fire extinguisher training?

Please contact us at PublicEducation@Yaufr.com or see our Public Education page for more information.

I have a question about open burning, fire pits or recreational fires.
I want to purchase a fire extinguisher. What kind should I get and where should I put it?

A 5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher is a good all-purpose extinguisher. It is recommended that you install them close to an exit and maintain an unobstructed area around the location of the extinguisher.

Hall rental information ?

Rental information can be found by clicking here.

Where can I get a volunteer application?

Volunteer application can be picked up at Station 891 (50 Commons Drive, York PA 17402).

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The Mission of York Area United Fire and Rescue is to provide the highest level of proactive, professional service to the citizens and businesses of our participating municipalities, through the provision of regional fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency medical services, disaster planning and public education.


YAUFR aspires to be a collaborative, inclusive, world-class fire department that operationally supports, as needed, the firefighting and fire prevention efforts of all departments in York County, through our dedication to professionalism, education, training, community involvement and support of those beyond our municipal borders.