Fire Extinguisher Training

Our department provides hands-on fire extinguisher training to meet the needs of any group or organization.   Our training includes education on the various types of fires, how to extinguish each type of fire, as well as safe and effective use of a fire extinguisher.  At the conclusion of the training all attendees have the ability to put out a propane-based fire in a controlled environment, with the guidance of our staff.   If you are interested in getting more details on this trianing, please reach out to us at or complete the form below!

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The Mission of York Area United Fire and Rescue is to provide the highest level of proactive, professional service to the citizens and businesses of our participating municipalities, through the provision of regional fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency medical services, disaster planning and public education.


YAUFR aspires to be a collaborative, inclusive, world-class fire department that operationally supports, as needed, the firefighting and fire prevention efforts of all departments in York County, through our dedication to professionalism, education, training, community involvement and support of those beyond our municipal borders.